Second Offer Accepted

When we last left off, I was scheduled to view two homes that recently went on the market. Both of these homes are outside the geographic location I really have my heart set on living in, but not too far outside.

The first home we looked at I liked a lot, but there are all of these little things that, when combined with its location and the slightly high HOA, make it easy to pass. It really is a beautiful home, I love the kitchen. But it was as if a family moved into a beautiful brand new home and then treated it like garbage. You could tell they tried a little - very little - to get it ready to be sold, but there are still a lot of problems with it. All cosmetic though, nothing that can't be fixed. I just don't want to spend the money to fix it all when it's not even in a location I want to live anyway. A broken pantry door, torn up carpet with holes in it, a poorly done paint job, holes in the walls as if they’d just ripped the TV off the wall, among other things. If it was move-in ready, I would’ve put in an offer for sure. The price is right at the max I can afford. I can't afford it AND still have enough left over to fix up even the basics.

The second home we looked at was just a no. The pictures of the interior look nice, but it lacks major curb appeal and the location is even further out than I want to be. A quick no from me.

Three days later, the first house we looked at is still on the market (a market where houses are under contract the day they go on the market) and I’m looking at it again, trying to see if I could see myself living there. I asked for more information from my realtor and found out that the house is pre-foreclosure. He finds out seller wants to sell it ASAP. Their floor price - or so they say - is more in line with what I’d like to a buy house for. This is when I start getting excited. I mentally go through all of the pros. It’s really a pretty house. The living room has windows all around it (natural light!). The kitchen and bathrooms have beautiful tile work. It’s really not in the worst location (for me and where I work). And with their floor price, I have a little left over to do some of the repairs. It’s actually a pretty sweet deal. I'm falling in love.

I put in an offer.

They accepted it.

It hasn't sunk in yet.