First Offer Rejected

I put in an offer on what really was the perfect home. Initially, I submitted an offer for asking price. When my realtor inquired what other types of offers they were receiving, he was told they had a lot of really strong offers. This is, it seems, code for offers over asking price. Ouch. I went back to my lender and ran some new numbers with him. I resubmitted an offer 3.5% over asking price. I thought it was a really strong offer and my realtor thought so too.

It still wasn’t enough. How crazy. I don’t know what offer they accepted, if it was higher or the same or lower and included some compelling, heart string tugging note. I just don’t know. But they said no to me. And they said no to having a back up offer. That’s alright. I didn’t want that perfect house anyway! 

If I’m being honest, really, 2% of me was kinda hoping they’d say no. My second offer was just completely maxing out my budget. I didn’t want to live above my means or end up in a house I’d “grow into.” If they’d said yes, I would’ve managed, but they didn’t. 

I’ve since found two other homes that may be promising, so we’ll see. Fingers crossed.