Mortgage Approval Prep

Spent the evening collecting and printing out documents to take to the bank tomorrow. I've filled out loan applications with two recommended lenders and they're in pending status now. I need to get a pre-approval for a mortgage, like, yesterday. I've got a stack of of tax returns, W-2s, bank account print outs, stock and liquid asset whatnots. (Edit: Turns out, all of this can be done online once a lender gets back to you. I just turned everything into a PDF and emailed it in. Decision pending.)

I have a few days off this week to go look at some homes that are on the market. I left a message with my realtor, but it's late, so I probably won't speak to him until tomorrow. 

I'm so nervous. Excited nervous. Buying a house is a big deal and it's kinda scary to think, oh my god, I'm going to have a 30 year mortgage; but it's also exciting because I'll get to do whatever I want to it - freedom.

Here's a picture from this weekend in Vancouver - birds flying over Coal Harbor: